Opening an Order 5-10 pips Price Shift The EA uses Primary Feed (IQFeed) and then compares it with your broker feed to see if there is a sufficient price shift. If the price shift is big enough, eg. 5-10 pips, it means it’s safe to enter a trade to cover the spread and make sufficient profits.
Closing an Order 5-15 pips Stop-Loss

3-5 pips Trailing SL

It uses only a Trailing Stop-Loss of 3-5 pips to close winning orders.

It uses a tight Stop-Loss of about 5-7 pips to minimize the losses in case the price suddenly moves in the opposite direction.

Average Order Time 1-30min Some orders are closed earlier due to Stop-Loss activation.
Average Number of Orders 5-10 day Sometimes there are no orders at all during one day due to low market volatility.

You can check out some VIDEOS to see a few sample trades.

None All our chart TF are 5M for illustration purposes only, but in fact the EA works on all Time Frames the same way.
Pairs Majors It’s possible to trade all pairs, (eg. GBPSEK, USDIDR), but due to high spread and low volatility, we don’t use such “Exotics” or “Crosses”. We use only major pairs, eg. EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, etc.


3.5 pips If the spread is too high, it’s risky to trade any system which keeps the trades open less than 1 hour.
Indicators FFCalN This indicator uses news times based on Forex Factory Calendar.

There are no other “typical” indicators like MA, RSI, etc.

No Channels, Fibonacci, Support/Resistance are used.

Primary Price Feed IQFeed This fast custom-made feed allows the EA to execute trades based on the information received from that feed supplier.
Default Parameters Low Risk

Med. Risk

High Risk

The EA has 3 default parameter sets with various risk levels. You don’t have to change any parameters except for the 2 below.
Other Parameters Lot Size



You will be able to adjust the Lot Size, for example 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 5.0 lots etc.
You can also choose the type of news you want to trade:

  • High Impact News (HIN).
  • Medium Impact News (MIN) (Including HIN).
  • Low Impact News (LIN) (Including HIN and MIN).
  • The EA can also trade outside news times if there is a high market volatility, but no scheduled news.